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What is Website Hosting?

Reliable website hosting Indianapolis.

Website hosting is similar to fuel to a vehicle. No vehicle will operate without some type of fuel and no website will operate without hosting.

But, it’s important to note, all website hosting platforms are not equal. Hosting solutions can vary dramatically, and some results can negatively impact your websites search engine rankings.

What does this really mean? Concerning the technology side, it simply means hosting is a service that permits a user to publish their website over the internet. A web hosting company provides the service and technology required for the site or page to be seen on the Internet.

A website is hosted on special computers known as servers or hosts. When someone wants to see your website, they enter your site address  into an internet search engine browser. That search engine program first finds the website host for your website. Then the host server points directly to your  website and displays the searched web pages.

Why Is It Important?

Once again, to operate a website you first need web hosting. Why do you need high-quality hosting? There are many reasons but let’s focus on 5 key reasons.  To select a high-quality hosting company, you need to consider the 5 S’s.

  • ​Speed
  • ​Stability
  • ​Security
  • ​Scalability
  • ​Sterility


It is crucial that your website loads fast. Otherwise, it will result in a “high bounce rate” wherein visitors more often leave your site. Another effect is that search engines will give you a lower ranking in website search results. Hence, slow download speed equals poor client experience and poor search results.


You will potentially lose your business if your webpage is not reliable and stable.This happens when your site is frequently offline or downloads improperly. A good website hosting solution maintains multiple systems that will ensure your site is stable, reliable, and up at all times.


Indeed, reports of widespread data breaches remind us that hackers are threats to online businesses. The ultimate goal of hackers is to capture financial or personal details or take control a computer for a ransom. When a hacker successfully hacks your webpage, it is like a home invasion. It can ruin your reputation and leave your website in shambles.


It is vital that your servers or host servers will be able to handle your website growth. If not, you will encounter issues on stability and speed. Secure hosting solutions have the capacity to support your online growth and can provide you the right infrastructure whenever you need to scale.


An internet neighborhood that is sterile means it is safe from unsuitable websites. You want your home germ free, well, you want the same for your website. You’ll experience optimal website performance if your host servers are germ free. A website performs best if it is not sharing servers with sites such as porn, gambling, pharma, or junk websites with extensions like .cn (China) and .ru (Russia). 

Website hosting Indianapolis, we offer our clients customized solutions to make sure your web pages demonstrate Speed, Stability, Security and the capability to Scale.

What Can We Offer?

Listed below are a few technical specifications. Do not panic if you are not familiar with the terms. It is our job to worry about these issues for you.

  • Custom-Managed hosting means our company personally oversees all aspects of your website. This will include coding updates, security checks, etc.
  • ​​State of the art servers thatequate to fast hosting and supplying you lightning speed download times.
  • ​​Private server usage limitations see to it that you will not find our web servers saturated with undesirable or junk websites. This will ensure you receive the best server performance.
  • ​​High-Level security makes sure your webpage stays virus and malware-free by providing Antivirus and Malware Scanning in addition to removal.
  • ​​Firewalls and DDoS Prevention shields your webpage from hacker attacks and targeted attempts to take it down.
  • ​​Ongoing WordPress monitoring of site/plugins is essential so that any issues encountered are promptly fixed upon discovery. This also ensures your webpage is constantly up to date.
  • ​​Daily Backups are essential for your sites protection against any data loss. 
  • ​​SSL Certificate assures visitors connecting to your webpage a secure connection. It also provides credibility and enhances your site’s SEO ranking.
  • ​​Content Delivery Networks (CDN) provides fast delivery of online content.
  • ​​We provide 24/7 Support, you have someone to assist you whenever you require help.

Website hosting Indianapolis, lightning fast speed and security you can trust.

Website Hosting Indinapolis

How Much Does It Cost?

Website hosting Indianapolis, we manage your web hosting for an annual fee. Our standard rate is $300 per year for our premium-grade web hosting which includes all the technical specifications listed above. 

We are providing customized management of your site hosting.

We do not outsource your hosting to other companies. Custom quotes are available upon request.

​What Next?

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