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Is Your Web Design A Liability Or An Asset?

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It is a fact that all websites are not equal. Your website design basically can help or hurt your business. Therefore, it is imperative that your website is created the proper way to ensure that it is not a liability but an asset that works for you 24/7. 

Why Is Your Website So important?

Essentially, your web design is an an asset of your business. This holds true if you are in the business of selling products or services. It doesn’t matter whether you are a personal trainer, managing a pizza restaurant, offering accounting services, painting homes, or exterminating termites.

Regardless, your website is the face of your company. Visitors will render their first impression of your business when they find you on the internet. It can also be a major contribution to sales.

Moreover, your web page is your information hub. Your potential customers need to know your contact details, operating hours, or more specific information regarding the services or products you sell. Failing to supply these details in a simple but structured way can harm your business.

Last, but equally as important, the configuration and optimization of your website is key to potential customers finding your business when they are searching online.

Let's discuss more in detail why these things are so important.

1. The Face ​Of ​​Your Business

Assuming your website is set up correctly, people find your webpage online when they are searching for products or services you offer. When they land on your website, you only have a few seconds to engage with the prospect.

Many websites do a horrible job at this. As a result, the business loses leads and potential sales. Remember your website must:

  • ​Establish credibility
  • ​Convey your message and what you stand for
  • ​Provide solutions for what the prospect needs
  • ​Show social proof (if applicable, which it is in 95% of cases)
  • ​Advance the sale

That brief first impression is so important. By delivering the right data during that first impression, the result can be an active lead or even a sale.

Social proof is often realized as testimonies of happy consumers. However, it can also be about the number of clients you have assisted over the past several years of business, or for example, the average number of burgers you sold to your customers, and etc.

Offering solutions to your prospects may sound like the obvious, however, many webpages do not do this well. Many website owners just assume all they have to do is create a website, add some content with some pretty pictures and the magic will happen. But the reality is their potential customers most likely will never find them online. ​

You must have a website strategy in place with the right structure and it must be optimized the proper way. In simple terms you must have a clear message and you must demonstrate credibility. These factors will directly impact your conversion rate. A webpage poorly articulating these details will have a low conversion rate or maybe no sales. 

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2. Your Information Hub

Needless to say, you can simply lose a sale by not providing your potential clients the right details about your business. Listed below are key details you should provide on your website:

  • ​How to contact you (address, phone, email)
  • ​Opening hours (if applicable)
  • ​Services offered
  • ​Pricing (not always published on the website, depends on what you offer)

Furthermore, how this data is displayed and the proper locations are also critical.

3. The Key To Getting Found

It goes without saying, the days of putting up a simple a web page and expecting visitors to locate it no longer exist. In 2019 and the future your website design must be accurately configured. Why even bother building a web page if your customers can't find you?

For your website to reach your targeted audience, you must consider numerous factors that serve one another. Here are some of the primary factors you need.

  • ​Mobile Friendly Pages
  • ​Contact & About Pages
  • A Logo That Search Engines Can Read (not just an image) 
  • ​Optimized Pages For SEO (meta info, layout, etc)
  • ​Retargeting Pixels
  • ​Load Time Optimization (and page caching)
  • ​An XML Sitemap
  • ​Robots.txt File Setup
  • ​Smart Site Architecture
  • ​An Optimized 404 Page
  • ​SSL Certificate
  • ​Image Alt Attributes
  • ​Scheme.org Structured Data
  • ​Correct <h1> And <h2> Tag Usage
  • ​Strategic Outbound Site Links
  • ​LSI Keywords
  • ​Social Sharing Integration

Web pages are a vital marketing asset that you must strategically optimize in order for it to deliver sales to your business. Web design in Indianapolis is a done for you solution.

Web Design Indianapolis,
What Can We Offer You?

We are different from most companies who design websites. 

We have proven experience. We have been building websites for 15 years. In addition we are a recognized leader in Search Engine Optimization. It is necessary to have both for your web strategy to prosper.

We understand that a pretty website always help, but equally as important are the structure, strategy and optimization. 

We are experts in website design and all other digital marketing services you may need to support your business.

Below is a list of what we include in our basic web design solution:

  • ​A fully optimized, mobile-friendly design
  • ​WordPress powered website
  • ​Installation of WordPress plugins – so your site will run as efficiently as possible
  • ​Google Map – for directions to your office
  • ​Installation of Google Webmaster tools and analytics
  • Up to 20 pages included
  • On-page SEO - so your customers will find you online
  • Features include contact form, schema markup, sitemaps, optional blog/news functionality, stock images, speed optimization, etc.

Exclusions in standard package are: website copy, logo, domain name. 

Custom packages are available that include the exclusions listed above and for advanced options such as online bookings, live chat, ecommerce, 3rd party integrations, etc

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How Much Does It Cost?

Most businesses have different requirements. For this reason, our web design services fee will depend on the exact requirements of your business.

About 90% of the WordPress web designs that we develop for clients range from $1,500 to $3,500. 

Prices can be lower in cases where your website only requires minor changes or minimum content. Also, it could be a higher price in cases of complex designs. 

Web Design Indianapolis

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