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What Is SEO?

Reliable SEO Indianapolis services. SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is the process of optimizing your website's position rank in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. The desired key results are; more organic or unpaid traffic to your site, brand recognition and more sales.

Why is SEO Important to Your Business?

When set up properly , SEO will lead to more business exposure and more sales. You may as well embrace the internet and enjoy the benefits it offers your business. It's here to stay,  studies reveal that:

Search Engine Optimization

89% of consumers research products or services online,
and use what they find to make buying decisions.

Only 3% of users are ready to buy
without doing more online research first.

Finding potential customers via SEO costs 61% less
than outbound marketing and boosts conversions by 8x.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

  • ​Grow your online presence
  • ​Improve your local reputation
  • ​Build trust with your search results
  • ​Increase traffic in a cost-effective way
  • ​Attract more customers
  • ​Generate measurable results​
  • ​Build a well-established online presence​

Campaign Goals

A high webpage rank will result in more prospects visiting your website and Google local profile. This also leads to higher brand recognition. The goal of our marketing campaign is to increase website rankings and boost your online traffic by concentrating on search terms or keywords that will deliver you targeted traffic and significant rewards.

SEO Indianapolis

SEO flow chart on a whiteboard

Campaign Objectives

​1. Detailed Audit

Conduct a preliminary end-to-end audit.

​2. SEO Campaign ​Strategy

We tailor fit our SEO Campaign strategy to ensure you accomplish your marketing goals.

​3. Keyword ​Selection & ​Ongoing ​Management

We choose industry-specific keywords that directly help your site stand out from your competition and broaden your website or brand visibility.

4. Onsite & ​Conversion ​Optimization

Onsite and conversion-focused strategy serves to strengthen your visitors online behavior to boost your sales.

5. Focused ​Relevance ​Targeting

The custom-built software we use enables us to improve your website's position ranking because we can easily find targeted keywords that are vital to your business. We can also find valuable locations throughout the internet such as articles, blogs, directories, and Social media relevant to your website.

6. Content ​Marketing ​Strategy 

We will assist in maintaining and creating your website that will be an authority for our focused keywords.

7. Increase ​The ​Overall ​Domain ​Authority ​Of ​The ​Site

The “Halo effect” properties of keywords can work to our advantage. It simply means the advancement of keywords we are not keenly focusing on can help us improve our targeted locations.

8. Landing ​High ​On ​Search ​Engine ​Results ​Map 

As part of our campaign, we will assist you in creating an impressive business listing in Google and other related web directories to guarantee you obtain high local rankings.

9. Measured ​Results and ​Reporting

This aims to give you complete visibility to track the results of your campaign at any phase. We will be forwarding a thorough monthly report that digs deeper into your webpage metrics.

Search Engine Rankings

It is a fact that search engines utilize 200 recognized metrics to show relevant and reliable results. Since every webpage is different, we will provide a custom structured SEO campaign strategy based on your present search engine ranking and business marketing goals.

SEO Indianapolis, your SEO connection. We customize every methodology and strategy for each of our clients. We follow current updates from the leading search engines. Thus, we see to it that we concentrate on areas that will benefit your company. the most. Here is a quick overview of the tasks we include in your campaign.

SEO Campaign Strategy

URL Targeting

Once we identify pages, we will initiate website changes that will impact both your click-through rates and search engine placement.

High-​Value ​Keyword ​Research

We extensively analyze the keywords we provide based on trends, search volume per month, consumer’s intent, and lastly overall competition.

High-​Quality ​Link ​Building

We position links strategically on industry-specific websites accompanied by high quality website content created by our own team of skilled writers.

On-site ​Optimization

We understand the relevance of developing a natural and strong link portfolio. Every keyword assigned to your webpage(s) is strategically placed  to guarantee your long term business growth.

What Is SEO Timeline?

Local SEO Indianapolis team support. Here we illustrate a standard timeline of deliverables for the next six months:

Month 1: Social ​Media ​Setup

  • ​Set up Google My Business and connect our online dashboard to your accounts​​​​
  • ​Create header graphics that match your website with Google and Facebook
  • ​Website on-page SEO structure setup
  • ​Blog & Syndication to social media.

Month 2: Press ​Release

  • ​Citations building
  • ​Blog & syndication to social media
  • ​Request reviews from clients to add in Google Maps
  • ​Backlinks from guest posts outreach campaign

Month 3: Blog & Syndication ​To ​Social ​Media

  • ​Google Maps optimization
  • ​Backlinks from guest posts (outreach campaign)

Month 4: Blog & Syndication ​To ​Social ​Media

  • ​Video for YouTube & Syndication
  • ​Backlinks from guest posts (outreach campaign)

Month 5: ​Blog & Syndication ​To ​Social ​Media

  • ​Citations building
  • ​Request reviews from clients to add in Google Maps

Month 6: ​Blog & Syndication ​To ​Social ​Media

  • ​Video for YouTube & syndication
  • ​Backlinks from guest posts (outreach campaign)

Website Action Steps:

Dependable SEO Indianapolis...

Optimize ​Offsite ​Factors

Work on link building to targeted website pages.

Optimize ​Content

To create and optimize keyword-rich website content.

Optimize ​Sitemap and robots.txt ​Files

Direct search engines how to crawl and index your webpage. Our SEO team will do the optimization of these documents utilizing Search Engine Optimization best practices.

Optimize ​Business ​Locations ​For Google Places and Maps

Ensure business is locally found by publishing current formation about your business.

Optimize ​Website URL ​Structure

A winning SEO campaign consists of an optimized and clean URL.

Analyze ​Top ​Online ​Competitors

This is an analysis of online competition to monitor strategies and developments to be able to remain a step ahead.

Provide ​Custom ​Monthly ​Performance ​Reports

Every month, your dedicated SEO Indianpolis team and Campaign Manager will assess the past month with you and explore possible strategies for improvement.

Why Choose Us?


We support total transparency. We are 100% confident about the efforts that are taken to complete your website. In time, you will find results and receive real-time development updates as your marketing campaign progresses. Moreover, you can evaluate Google Analytics results to check bounce rates, traffic, and monitor the regular progress of your keywords. 


Seasoned analysts in the industry comprise our SEO team that performs all tasks in-house. An Account Management team devoted to you will create an effective and successful SEO campaign strategy for your business. In handling a limited number of accounts, we see to it that each team is able to understand your industry, focus on your business goals, and implement a tailored marketing plan that will generate the most value and return on your investment. 

What Next?

Account Management 

Account Managers assigned to you will regularly update you of campaign status and other matters that will need additional improvement. Our priority is to establish superior customer support, which is a key factor why numerous small businesses entrust us with their budgets for SEO. 

In-house ​Fulfill​me​​nt

Search engines periodically update Algorithms so that they can supply visitors the top search results. In return, SEO regulations and practices simultaneously change as well. Thus, it is crucial that the SEO firm you hire has the ability to adapt as needed. Rest assured we have this covered.

​Google ​Approved ​Strategy

We continuously familiarize and learn the current search engine practices and updates. It is never our practice to manipulate search engine rankings or utilize unethical techniques to mislead. The work that we do always will conform with the latest Search Engine Optimization regulations to guarantee you display organic growth and rank naturally. 

SEO Indianapolis - Pricing

We will collect details and audit information from your website for us to be able to recommend an SEO campaign strategy for you. And in order to obtain the best results, it will require a 6-month commitment for a Search Engine Optimization campaign. The standard SEO campaign will cost $1000 per month.

It is our goal that the additional profits your business recognizes will far exceed the cost of a campaign and position your business for sustained growth. 

Don’t Delay, Start Today!

We would love to help you build your brand and increase your profits. Because local SEO requires a hands on approach, we can only accept a certain number of clients for our personalized service. We also do our best to avoid selecting clients competing for the same keywords. We strive to help as many people as possible but we cannot accept everyone. Another reason why you need to get started today.

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